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Jump for joy or run for cover??
August 23, 2007 at 4:01 am

While on our trip I did two things I rarely do at home, I watched TV and went to Walmart.  Not that I am saying these were highlights of my trip (they weren’t) but both things resulted in my seeing organic things in new places.

First, I saw a commercial on TV for Gerber organic baby food.  Just seeing that the company was spending advertising dollars letting parents know they had this choice spoke volumes to me.  Gerber must have identified new parents as one audience that desires organic products.  I see this trend in blogs like The Organic Food Blog, Attachment parenting, MomFinds,and Green Parenting.

Second, while looking for a shirt ( I hadn’t brought clothing suitable for the 105 degree Tennessee temperature) I came upon a line of organic cotton sportswear at Walmart.  This is important because Walmart is a high volume buyer and if they are requesting organic cotton clothing it might encourage producers to respond by making more products.  In addition it means that the demand for organic is growing.  People have apparently purchased these items at Walmart in order for the company keep stocking them. 

Still, there is another thought that occured to me as I celebrated these triumphs of organic products being available in “mainstream” places.  Will compromises in organic standards follow as large companies become involved in the organic market?  Already the USDA has made compromises in organic standards due to requests from the food industries.  Are more to follow as marketing giants want to cash in on the growing demand for organic goods?  What about the other issues of producing inexpensive clothing?  What do you think? 

Posted in (News) by Debbie
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Can you spell “truth”?
August 16, 2007 at 1:07 am

My family and I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, Tennessee for a conference held by a “green” company.  Since we love to travel, we drove the many miles across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tenessee to get to our destination.  Car travel allows us to see many things we wouldn’t see if we took a plane. 

As we traveled down Interstate 79, I spotted a billboard that had me practically yelling at my poor husband.  “Did you see what that said?!  Can you believe that?!!” My husband who had been quite correctly looking at the road while he drove calmly said, “What did you see?”.  I’m afraid I didn’t calmly reply.  ”That billboard back there said ‘Coal – Clean Green Energy’ ! ”

My husband was sure I had read it wrong but I assured him it was true.  And I find that I wasn’t the only one who noticed. The “Coal as Green Energy” campaign is funded by the coal industry itself even though it wants to appear to be a grassroots effort by families to promote coal as a non-polluting energy source.  This is probably one of the most laughable ideas I have ever seen.  I live in Western PA and I can tell you coal is anything but clean, green energy!

The FORCE group that started this campaign was started and paid for by a coal company.  The president of FORCE (who also happens to own a coal industry related company) actually goes so far as to say that coal is a renewable resource.  Either the man is uneducated as to what constitutes a renewable resource or he is just OK with making up his own truth.  Coal is a fossil fuel that is not renewable.  The mining of coal pollutes water, causes erosion, and pollutes air as the coal is transported.  The conversion of coal to energy releases CO2 gases along with numerous other toxins.

Coal is necessary right now to produce electricity, and some coal companies are trying to lessen the environmental damage they create. But, advertising coal as a clean, green, renewable energy is simply not truth.

Posted in (News) by Debbie
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