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Comfort organics
October 17, 2007 at 3:18 pm

On Sunday I could have sworn someone left a truck parked on my head.  My neck hurt so bad I couldn’t turn my head and my throat was scratchy.  My husband vehemently denied having turned the heat in our house up or down.  Turns out I was just plain sick.  A virus had caught me (I certainly don’t go around catching viruses).

My kids and husband rallied around me. ”Do you want anything?”  Oh boy, did I want some things.  I wanted every comforting thing I could think of.  First, I called for my vitamin C and my Defend and Resist which contains Echinacea and Zinc.  There may not be conclusive evidence that Echinacea, C and Zinc help fend off illness but I’ve had good results and I didn’t think it could hurt. 

Next I wanted tea.  Not just any tea but my organic Chai (from Yogi Tea, fair trade and organic) with just a bit of organic honey.  A few sips and my stomach was calm again.  I alternated all day between Chai and Green Tea.  Then I wanted my rice bags.  Rice bags are like heating pads but they are made from rice and mine contains lavender grown in my own garden.  The bag is heated in the microwave until warm and then you can put it wherever it hurts.  You must be careful with these just like any hot thing, but when used correctly they are a wonderful comfort.

After some tea and warmth, my daughter was encouraging me to eat.  I really had no appetite, but she finally talked me into some organic chicken broth.  These last three days I have lived on tea and organic soups, including some from Amy’s Kitchen.  I just wasn’t up to making my own and didn’t have any frozen in small batches.  Tonight we are having cabbage and onions with organic noodles.  I know that sounds a bit odd, but it is definitely a comfort food.

Though I don’t want anyone to get sick, there are times when having some comforting things around you makes it easier to get through an illness.  What comforts you when you are under the weather?


Posted in (News) by Debbie
Comments (4)


  1. When I’m sick I want everyone to express concern but then go away. I want ice water – and plenty of it and I want saltines. This is one time where a substittute is not acceptable. I want the room dark and the TV on. to be concise; I want to be a brat.

    Comment by Carol Ann Sakiewicz — November 14, 2007 @ 4:43 am

  2. I like to lay on the couch with PBS on low so between naps I can watch kids’ shows. I find it very comforting.

    I love Amy’s No-Chicken Noodle and Lentil soups when I’m sick. I usually “doctor” them with cumin and hot mustard.

    Comment by Dee — November 14, 2007 @ 5:27 pm

  3. Hope you are feeling better Deb!! What I like to have around are the things I am stocking up on even though a virus hasn’t caught me yet! :o ) I just bought a few bags of Elderberry Zinc Herbalozenges by Zand. Then I got a big bottle of Natural Elderberry concentrate from Natural Sources. I also really like a warm water sea salt gargle when my throat is really swollen, and any type of orange base organic tea. I, also, like organic chicken broth. Now for the political part, which I can’t resist….I’d also like to have Dr. Ron Paul visit! :o ) We could talk about this Act he introduced…….Madam Speaker, I rise to introduce the Health Freedom Protection Act. This bill restores the First Amendment rights of consumers to receive truthful information regarding the benefits of foods and dietary supplements by codifying the First Amendment standards used by federal courts to strike down the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) efforts to censor truthful health claims. The Health Freedom Protection Act also stops the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) from censoring truthful health care claims.

    Comment by diane — November 14, 2007 @ 6:02 pm

  4. Hi all,

    I love all your comments. Yes, I too feel a bit “bratty” when I am really sick. The need to be a bit pampered comes out. And, I agree with Diane that we do need to look at candidates that do more than just go with the standard line on health care. Understanding how the FDA (and the USDA for that matter) works is important in understanding how we got to be such a drug dependent society.

    Comment by Deb — November 19, 2007 @ 12:10 pm

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