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Organic Living with Eco Products

Our Mission
The mission of I'm Organic® is to spread the organic message. Through our products and through our projects, I'm Organic® products represent people who are proud to care about the earth. We're passionate about organic living and want to give people fun and easy ways to say "I'm Organic®, are you?"

Though we know no one can be 100% organic all of the time, we believe small choices make a big difference. It's an exciting time to be green, and we believe it's also a great time to be proud of the choices we make. Choosing organic plays a critical role in creating well being and reducing our impact on the planet. The next step is to share the message and start conversations about why living organically is a great choice for us and our Earth. The green movement, including the organic movement, is an incredible 'word-of-mouth' campaign, empowered by your voice. Our mission is to give you more eco-friendly ways to say what's on your mind- because the world is listening!

As part of the cycle of abundance choosing organic creates, we have some exciting projects going on to connect you with the companies and programs you value. Read more below.

The Organic Family Album™

The Organic Family Album™ aims to collect the world's most delicious organic stories! Every month, we select a person, family, organization, or company to be highlighted on our homepage as the newest addition to our Organic Family Album. Why is the world going organic? What motivates us to make these choices? What are we all doing to help and how has that changed our lives? These are the kinds of questions we love to explore. Do you or someone you know have an interesting organic story to tell? Email us about it and you may be selected!

The Organi-Giveaway™

Bottom line? We LOVE organic products! If you feel light and happy when walking into your local natural foods store, you need to participate in our Organi-Giveaway™. Just sign up for our mailing list, the Organigram, and every week you get a chance to win a free gift basket from one of your favorite organic brands. Winners are drawn every week! Thank you to all of the great companies out there who have donated tons of products for us to give away!

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Our Organic, Eco Products

organic cotton teeDid you know it takes about a third of a pound of synthetic agricultural chemicals to grow enough cotton for one T-shirt? What impact do all of those chemicals have on our health, farm worker's health, our soils, and our water sources that must accept the toxic runoff? Science may be slow to offer us absolute answers, but sometimes common sense and wisdom must be used. At I'm Organic®, we are proud to offer you products that were created with your values at the heart of our mission. From our 100% certified organic cotton clothing line, tote bags, and lunch bags to our 100% post consumer waste recycled greeting card line, you'll find the only sweat that was used in creating these products came from our brow to create for you the best, cleanest products available.

  • Organic Baby Onesies

    - adorable onesies are free of chemicals and are super soft for baby's bottom
  • Reusable Grocery Bags

    - 100% certified organic cotton, these I'm Organic® reusable bags can be used over and over again for numerous occasions
  • Sustainable Greeting Cards

    - 100% post consumer waste recycled greeting cards and envelopes
  • Message Magnets

    - Indoor and outdoor magnets manufactured in the USA and made with at least 10% recycled materials with an organic message to share
  • Eco Mugs

    - Biodegradable mugs made in the USA entirely out of corn, BPA Free, 100% good for Mother Earth!

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